I should be so lucky lucky lucky lucky

We also had a new addition to the henny flock. Big gorgeous hen Lucky. She was the sole survivor of an allotment fire. A lovely lady rescued her and she recovered beautifully. However, the lady’s garden was set up for pigeons so she needed somewhere to roam with other hens. She absolutely loves just pottering around the garden looking for bugs to eat.


I’m other exciting news, Mally has been hard at work fitting a proper metal farm gate to the woodland entrance. The rams kept jemmying the old one open with their horns. I kept hearing the sound of hooves and crashing and banging downstairs during the day. Every time I came downstairs there were muddy hoof prints everywhere. Now I was either being visited by the devil or it was the rams……spoiler alert it was the rams trashing the gate. Anyway the new gate looks fab and the rammers have been unable to use their jemmy horns this time. I’m sure they’ll find a way using their hooves as lock picks to open the gate soon…..

New gate!

With the jubilee just passed I had decided prior to buy a proper tea set off eBay. I needed to do the jubilee properly. Anyway, anyone who even passes my house now has to have a cup of tea with my set and a cream cake. I haven’t spent money on a tea set for it to go idle. I will get my monies worth I tell you! Eventually the novelty will wear off and it will be pushed at the back of the cupboard, never to be seen again until the house is being fumigated/ransacked after my death in hopefully many many years time.

Tea set from eBay…it has duckies on 😃
For the all important cream cakes 🧁

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