Nothing happened here

Last Sunday myself and Mally decided to have a walk around the lovely fishing village of Staithes which is around four minutes drive from our abode. It is a beautiful village with quirky cottages, snickleways and a harbour. Apparently Captain James Cook had his first job there as a teenager working in one of the shops in 1744. We walked in from the village next door called Cowbar. It’s connected to Staithes via a little walkway bridge. I saw one of those little blue historical information plaques on the side of one of the cottages. I did chuckle when I read it. I’ll let you see why in the pic below.

Another amusing sight met my eyes just a few steps further down the way. A group of garden gnomes were rock climbing . No I haven’t gone insane nor had the sun affected my visions of reality…I don’t think. Here see for yourself.

Pirates by the looks of them. Trying to take over the village 🏴‍☠️ I think at the bottom there is a member of the royal guard contemplating stopping them.

So into Staithes we went and it was as expected packed with holiday makers and day trippers. Mally had an ice cream…£3.80 for a couple of little scoops and a cone. Ah well can’t complain I guess as you need to remortgage your house just to buy a tub of lurpak these days.

Looking at Staithes from Cowbar
Cowbar bank

On the way out of Cowbar up the bank, I noticed a nice little bench. It too had a little plaque. I’m a sucker for a plaque. I pottered over to read it and smiled. It was a memorial plaque to clearly a very popular and now sadly departed feathered friend. It read “Have a sit with Wiggy The Cowbar Jackdaw” why thank you Wiggy I think I will.

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