Wow it’s hot today. I’ve had annual leave in for these two days so I can care for my animals in this heat. It’s been a battle I can tell you. I’m in and out with frozen water bottles, refilling paddling pools and water. I’m lucky that the woodland is well shaded with the trees but even in shade it’s unbearably hot.

Shady woodland but still blisteringly hot 🥵

My North Sea coast dwelling skin just can’t cope with such worryingly high temps. It’s currently showing 38 degrees Celsius on the mercury. It’s virtually unheard of such temperatures in the Northeast of England. There’s no air conditioning here other than supermarkets and some newer office buildings. The houses and businesses are built for the cold. I’ve got a fan on but it’s just blowing hot air. I need all the ice cubes and frozen water bottles for my animals, so there’s none left unfortunately to stick in front of the fan.

To help stave off the heat I bought myself an Australian bushman’s hat I found in a charity shop. It was actually made in Australia, it says so in the hat. Bargain buy at £5.

Trying to prevent sun stroke

There is some relief as my old house is made of old thick stone so it is cooler indoors. My kitchen which is partially underground as it’s been built slightly into a hillside is very cool. It also has Mediterranean type tiled flooring not due to heat but due to flooding as it’s easier to dry and clean. It’s currently 19 degrees in the kitchen which is lovely and cool. I’ve put my hamster in there and brought Nutmeg the baby turkey in. She was struggling with the heat being so young.

Decided to jump on the worktop the little scamp. But at least she’s cool
Mr peanut the hamster chilling on the tiled floor

I’ve been giving my bunny Maxy frozen bottles of water to cuddle into. He’s a fluffy lad and I am worried about him. Luckily he’s embraced the frozen bottles and is snuggled up beside it. I’ve also been spraying the ground he’s laid on with water regularly to keep the area cool.

Maxy with his frozen 🥶 bottle

Excuse me everyone, I can hear crashing noises from the kitchen downstairs…sounds like nutmeg is rearranging the kitchen. Must dash!

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